About the Artists

Christy and Denise have been exploring the use of digital media since 2015 as an approach to community storytelling. In 2016, Christy Fong and Denise Fong co-directed the documentary short Under Fire: Inside a Chinese Roasted Meats Shop in Vancouver, which was nominated for BCSA: Vancouver Asian Film Festival’s Best Canadian Short Award 2016. 

Christy Fong 方雅雯 is an IT specialist at UBC with an academic background in community histories and digital humanities. Bridging her technical skills with her research interests, she explores local histories via art, technology, and community events. Her multimedia thesis focused on the 1968-1979 Barbecue Meats Protests in Vancouver’s Chinatown, and won the 2016 Undergraduate Research Award from the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC. In 2017, she co-organized a listening party for the Pender Guy Radio Show, the first English-language radio program created by Chinese Canadians. With the academic journal Canadian Literature, she created a virtual field trip of Vancouver’s Chinatown based on SKY Lee’s Disappearing Moon Café (2017). Christy currently sits on the Board of Directors for Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC, where she continues to connect public education with community histories in new and creative forms.

Denise Fong 方靜怡 is a PhD student in UBC’s Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program, with a research focus on heritage, critical museology, and digital media (film and virtual reality). Her dissertation project focuses on the analysis of Chinese Canadian representations in physical and virtual heritage spaces, and explores creative interventions towards immigrant community histories through collaborative community-based research. A museum curator by training, she was the co-curator of Across the Pacific exhibition at Burnaby Village Museum (2019-2021), and the Chinatown Pocket Gallery. Her forthcoming exhibition A Seat at the Table — Chinese Immigration and British Columbia at the Museum of Vancouver and Chinatown Hon Hsing building (2020-2022) explores historical and contemporary stories of Chinese Canadians in BC through the theme of food. 

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