Grocery Shopping – 02

In Spring 2021, Richmond Food Stories collaborated with students from McKay Elementary’s Grade 6/7 classes to create an art work series for “Eating in the Time of COVID-19.” By engaging students to reflect on pandemic experiences through art, each young artist produced a unique illustration in response to the following prompts: How have you celebrated special occasions during COVID-19? What was it like to go grocery shopping when the pandemic first started? How has home cooking and eating changed for your family since the pandemic?

When Covid-19 had first started I thought it was something that would go away as quick as it arrived. But soon after, it got worse and worse then there was a lockdown and everything was closed. A lot of things were out of stock and businesses had to shut down. We had to wear masks and there were a lot of rules to ​​protect us from Covid and we could only buy necessary items and send only one person to pick up the necessary items. Now we have gotten more used to this new lifestyle.
— McKay Elementary, Grade 7 student

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